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Wisdom Horse teaching begins with horses and results in enhanced awareness and communication skills with people.

Discover transformative experiences at Wisdom Horse, where creative unmounted interactions with our horses heighten senses, spark discovery, and foster profound insights. Whether you're seeking growth as an individual, looking to strengthen bonds with family and friends, or aiming to enhance team dynamics, our horses serve as mirrors to your inner thoughts and feelings, paving the way for meaningful growth and change.

The Wisdom Horse Team

Transforming Connections for All

Wisdom Horse welcomes a diverse array of participants eager to unlock new pathways of communication and presence through partnership with horses. We specialize in guiding corporate teams, wellness groups, families, veterans, and individuals on a journey of discovery, tapping into their unique strengths and exploring new possibilities, both as individuals and as part of a collective.

How can Wisdom Horse Help You?

A wisdom horse experience is focused on personal and team growth

  • Personalized Assessment: Begins with a tailored assessment to identify strengths and challenges of participants.
  • Specialized Activities: Offers a series of unmounted equine activities for deep, lasting impact.
  • Certified Facilitators: Sessions led in a safe, enclosed arena by certified facilitators and equine specialists.
  • Safety and Intimacy: Ensures safety with a commitment to small group sizes for personalized experiences.
  • Actionable Insights: Concludes with a reflective debrief, providing participants with actionable steps for real-life application.

Evidenced Based Theory, The Foundations of Wisdom Horse

Wisdom Horse embraces a unique blend of evidence-based theories to guide its transformative equine-assisted programs for individuals and groups. At the core of our methodology are Clifton Strength-Based Leadership, The Pfeiffer Jones Growth and Change Model, and the innovative DIPIT Model by the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A). Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that growth stems from recognizing and building upon individual and collective strengths. By combining theoretical insight with practical, reflective exercises, Wisdom Horse facilitates a journey of discovery, investigation, and application. This approach ensures that every interaction not only fosters personal and professional growth but also equips participants with actionable insights for real-world application.

Clifton Strength-Based Leadership

  • Inherent Leadership Potential: Recognizes each individual's unique leadership strengths.
  • Enhanced Performance: Demonstrates that recognizing and cultivating unique skills leads to higher satisfaction and performance.
  • Skill Identification: Employs a straightforward online assessment to help participants discover their specific leadership talents.
  • Real-World Application: Provides experiential learning with horses to practice and deepen leadership skills, fostering effective teamwork.

Clifton Strength-Based Leadership

  • Experiential Learning Curve: Guides team members from comfort zones through increasing challenges via unmounted equine activities.
  • Supportive Environment: Creates a non-judgmental space for insight and growth, improving communication and effectiveness.
  • Intuitive Insights: Utilizes horses to reflect human behavior, fostering a deeper connection to intuition beyond traditional discussions.
  • Behavioral Practice and Reflection: Facilitates practice of new behaviors with reflective discussions to translate arena lessons into real-life applications, boosting confidence and teamwork.

The DIPIT model from the Experimental Equine Association

  • Foundation in Reflection: Developed by the Equine Experiential Education Association, Intl. to enhance reflection on equine experiences.
  • Debriefing Key: Uses post-activity debriefs to link arena experiences directly to professional and personal life scenarios.
  • From Experience to Implementation: Guides participants from firsthand experiences to a deep understanding and practical application, ensuring lasting learning.
  • Structured Insight Process: Provides a step-by-step approach for learners to discover and integrate valuable insights.
  • D = Discover: What did the horses do? The discussion begins with observable equine action.
  • I = Investigation: Why do you think the horse did that?
  • P = Parallel: How does this show up in life for you?
  • I = Interpretation: What can we learn from this?
  • T = Transfer: Developing Action Items for a new future at work, at home or at school
Visit E3A website (E3ASSOC.ORG)

Is Wisdom Horse right for you? If you answer yes to any of these, let Wisdom Horse guide the way!

  • Do you have a team that has not been together face to face for two years?
  • Do you feel isolated and alone?
  • Is your child being bullied at school?
  • Are you looking for support in Recovery?
  • Are your family members feeling disconnected?
  • Are your team members lacking connection to the mission and vision of your business?
  • Is your wellness group looking for new ways to be healthy?
  • Special Note: We do not offer Riding Lessons, Psychotherapy or HR consulting
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Why do these pillars work?

What to Expect at a Wisdom Horse Session

The Wisdom Horse Co-Facilitators start by meeting with the individual, team leader or retreat group to assess what strengths and struggles a person, a group or awork team are experiencing.

The Co-Facilitators develop a specialized and focused sequence of equine experiences for the participants that achieve lasting.

All activities with the horses are unmounted and no previous horse experience or equipment are required.  

Each session takes place in an enclosed arena with careful supervision by credentialled Facilitators and trained Equine Specialists.

One or more horses of varying sizes will be selected.

We limit the group size to a maximum of 12 people. Safety is a top priority with solid instruction about how to interact with a horse.

The sessions are typically 1.5 hours in length with the horses, followed by a half hour Debrief of the experience.

Groups or individuals may choose to do only one session as part of their stay at the farm.  

Two or more sessions may also be arranged and blended with other programming depending on the needs of the individual or group.

The Debrief discussion following the equine experience is when “Ah Ha” Moments happen. Discovery emerges and learning ‘sticks’ long into the future.  Participants are asked by the Facilitators to reflect on what the horses did and why they think they did it.  They are then encouraged to consider where similar things show up either at their desk, the dining room table, at school or in their team. This introspection helps participants build on their strengths while uncovering limiting behaviors.

This newfound awareness comes together through Action Steps that can be taken back to real life at home or at work

The Wisdom Horse Team

At the heart of Wisdom Horse's transformative experiences is a team led by Isabella (Boo) Martin, the visionary founder and lead consultant. With a Master's degree in Organization and Management and certification as a Corporate Facilitator by the Equine Experiential Education Association, Boo brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of excellence in the horse industry. Her leadership has sustained the farm's success for over 50 years, a testament to her belief in the power of teamwork and the strategic harnessing of team strengths.Boo's philosophy centers on recognizing and nurturing the unique abilities of each team member, a principle that has cultivated a loyal and effective workforce. Her extensive experience in leading diverse retreats for 45 years, coupled with her insights into group and family dynamics as a mother and grandmother, enriches Wisdom Horse's programs with depth and empathy.

Experienced, Credentialed Co-Facilitators & Equine Specialists

Boo's philosophy centers on recognizing and nurturing the unique abilities of each team member, a principle that has cultivated a loyal and effective workforce. Her extensive experience in leading diverse retreats for 45 years, coupled with her insights into group and family dynamics as a mother and grandmother, enriches Wisdom Horse's programs with depth and empathy.

Supporting Boo is a cadre of Co-Facilitators, each selected for their specialized credentials from nationally recognized organizations. These facilitators are deeply familiar with the farm and its horses, tailored to meet the specific needs of different groups and individuals. Their diverse backgrounds enable Wisdom Horse to address a broad spectrum of client needs, enhancing the personalization of each session.

Equine Specialists play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of both participants and horses. Their expertise in equine behavior and handling adds an essential layer of security to the sessions, while their spirit of fun and creativity enriches the overall experience. Together, the team at Wisdom Horse embodies a blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication, fostering an environment where every interaction is an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Boo Martin

She says, "I value teamwork over all else and know that the right team can successfully tackle any challenge. I firmly believe in identifying team members’ strengths and then allowing them the opportunity to fully live into these strengths. This has been a winning strategy that developed effective employees remaining loyal to our organization for years"

She also has lead retreats of all kinds for the last 45 years. She is also a Mom of four grown kids and two granddaughters so she is well versed in group and family dynamics.

Wisdom Horse fits with your Retreat Perfectly:

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Private Retreats: Your Personal Oasis

Wisdom Horse Add-On Available

Enhance your escape to Stepping Stones Farm Retreat Center with the addition of Wisdom Horse, a transformative addon that elevates your private retreat experience. Alongside the tranquil beauty and exclusive amenities of our farm, Wisdom Horse offers a unique opportunity for deeper reflection, connection, and personal growth. Immerse yourself or your small group in personalized equine experiences that foster meaningful insights and a profound sense of peace. Perfect for individuals seeking an introspective journey, celebrating special occasions, or teams aiming for a focused and enriching gathering. This addon integrates seamlessly into your custom retreat, providing a serene backdrop for relaxation, rejuvenation, and the creation of cherished memories, all while engaging in powerful, unmounted equine activities designed for lasting impact. Make your retreat truly unforgettable by exploring new dimensions of self and collective understanding with Wisdom Horse.

Ignite Team Excellence with Our Corporate Retreats

Wisdom Horse Add-On Available

Experience the transformative power of corporate retreats at Stepping Stones Farm Retreat Center, where we specialize in creating vibrant and impactful experiences for your team. Our retreats are more than just team-building; they are immersive journeys that harness the unique qualities of our Wisdom Horse program.

Our Wisdom Horse program involves equine-assisted learning, a powerful method that leverages interactions with horses to develop essential leadership and communication skills. Guided by skilled facilitators, this experience enables your team to discover new ways of working together, building trust, and fostering a deeper understanding of team dynamics.

Imagine your team surrounded by the lush beauty of our farm, where the tranquil ambiance encourages innovative thinking and open communication. Our expertly crafted programs blend outdoor challenges with strategic brainstorming sessions, all enhanced by the wisdom of our horses. These experiences promote collaboration, creativity, and leadership development, providing practical skills that can be applied directly to your workplace.

One standout feature of our corporate retreats is our ability to tailor the experience to your specific goals. Whether you're focused on improving communication, enhancing leadership skills, or fostering a more cohesive team culture, our retreats, enriched by Wisdom Horse, are fully customizable to meet your unique needs.

As the sun sets over our picturesque setting, your team will leave feeling revitalized, motivated, and equipped with practical skills, guided by Wisdom Horse, that can be applied directly to your workplace. Stepping Stones Farm Retreat Center is your partner in unlocking your team's full potential, setting the stage for your business to achieve new heights of success.

Host your next retreat at Stepping Stones Farm and Retreat Center

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