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Spring Renewal Women's Wellness Retreat

Women's Retreat for Mind and Body Rejuvenation

Spring Renewal Women's Wellness Retreat

May 17, 2024


May 19, 2024

This Event is SOLD OUT!!!

Join us fora spring time rejuvenation at our exclusive women's retreat, a perfect escape designed to revitalize both mind and body. Immerse yourself in a weekend of self-care, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature. Experience the tranquility of guided outdoor activities, from bird watching to exploring the great outdoors. As night falls, connect with fellow attendees around a warm campfire, sharing stories and laughter under a starlit sky, fully embracing the present moment and the joy it brings.

Our carefully planned itinerary promises a holistic retreat experience; from gentle yoga, meditation, and breathwork to creative and therapeutic workshops including botanical art and aroma therapy. Discover the healing power of nature through encounters with majestic horses and the soothing tones of sound therapy sessions. Indulge in moments of personal reflection with creative writing, enjoy live music performances, orrelish the peace of simply being, whether through a relaxing massage, reading, or a peaceful nap in nature's lap. This retreat is your gateway to recharge and reset, offering a sanctuary to reignite your spirit, reconnect with yourself, and enhance your well-being. Don't miss this chance to transform your year with renewed energy and inspiration.

Deepening The Bond Retreat - September 2024

Horse Speak®, Horse Agility & Obstacle Play

September 2024 Heidi Potter Deepening The Bond Retreat

September 19, 2024


September 22, 2024

This Event is SOLD OUT!!!

Join Heidi at the beautiful Stepping Stones Farm & Retreat Center in rural New Hampshire. Stay at the Homestead, a classic, charming, historic New England style farmhouse. Relax and unwind your evenings away while watching the sun set over nature's bounty. Enjoy communion with like-minded horse lovers while you share meals, stories, and the days magical moments. Bring your own horse or lease a facility horse. Breakfast is included and lunch is available. Enjoy access to a full kitchen during your stay.

This unique retreat is designed for horses and horse lovers of all levels with the goal of deepening understanding, rapport, confidence, and connection. The result is creating safer, more enjoyable, trusting partnerships.

Horse Speak- Everything horses say to each other they say to us. Horse Speak Senior Instructor Heidi Potter will teach you how to listen to what they are saying and how to respond in a way that they can understand. A few basic “vocabulary words”, a willingness to listen, and an open heart and mind are all you need to enter the conversation. Learning Horse Speak includes workshops in theory, interactive exercises with humans, herd observation, interpretation, and communication with horses. Learning the basics of Horse Speak is guaranteed to take your horsemanship skills and all you do with horses to the next level. You will see horses differently for ever more!

Horse Agility & Stress-Free Obstacle Play- Learn the sport of Horse Agility based on the International Horse Agility Club of England. It all begins with in-hand leading skills and progresses to obstacle play. Discover how best to support your horse and help him become a more confident, trusting partner as you play! If you attend with your own horse there is an option to proceed to mounted obstacle play on the third day. Participants with leased horses will continue to apply new-found skills on the ground.  

Riders Choice Monday- This optional day is for those who want a private or semi-private session with Heidi to expand on their retreat experience. Choose Centered Riding lessons, Problem Solving, either on the ground or in the saddle, or further development of the weekends many lessons.

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