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‍Stepping Stones

Farm & Retreat Center

Boo Martin

She says, "I value teamwork over all else and know that the right team can successfully tackle any challenge. I firmly believe in identifying team members’ strengths and then allowing them the opportunity to fully live into these strengths. This has been a winning strategy that developed effective employees remaining loyal to our organization for years"

She also has lead retreats of all kinds for the last 45 years. She is also a Mom of four grown kids and two granddaughters so she is well versed in group and family dynamics.

Pam Clemens

Pam Clemens is the quintessential hostess and chef. She will delight your senses and please your palate, all with a big smile. She is often told that “you can taste the Love in her food”.

Monique Van Beek

Monique Van Beek is a creative genius as well as a fun-loving woman with a zest for living. She can help you find your ‘Inner Artist & Chef' as she guides you through the weekend with good humor and a warm

Vet Tech

She is wonderful!

Ava Mazzone

Ava is wonderful!


She is wonderful!

Tory Lubas

Tory is wonderful!

Tere Anderson and Bill Haas

They are wonderful!


Heidi is wonderful!

The Natural Acoustics Team

The Natural Acoustics Team is comprised of Ives Porter-Elliott and Tasa Tserkonis.

The Photowise Team

Maryna and Sorrell



Wisdom Horse

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