Women’s Weekend Retreat




June 2nd to June 4th

Give yourself a TREAT TODAY….Take time to get away before your summer whirlwind begins. Enjoy rest and renewal. Find peace and plenty. Relish in being in the fresh air of the country surrounded by horses, farm animals, birds galore and babbling brooks. Learn new self-care skills. Explore fresh ways of healthy eating. Relax by the camp fire and hear a storyteller regal us with ancient tales as the stars twinkle and the owl hoots. Gather fresh eggs for your breakfast and sip coffee on the front porch. Sleep in a comfy bed as you drift off having connected to friends, new and old. Wake up to an early morning bird walk, some gentle yoga or quiet meditation. Be serenaded by live music. Sing with us to nourish your joy. Sip some wine and get a massage. Let the peace of our community seep deep into your heart. Find Your Radiance though connecting here at Stepping Stones Farm & Retreat Center.

Special Announcement:

Early Bird Special….Sign up by May 1st and get $100 off the price.

Better yet, bring a friend and get an additional $75 off your registration.

Sign up online or email Boo at Boo@steppingstonesfarm.com to pay by check.

Meet Your Retreat Team

Boo Martin

Boo Martin, Organizer and Wisdom Horse Leader
I have loved this farm since I moved here at 10 years old! It gives me great joy to share it with friends new and old who find their way to our farm gates. I cherish being able to spend time together with great programming and delicious, healthy food. Having the horses, goats, sheep and chickens back again makes the farm come alive!
I also adore working with our herd of 5 horses and ponies during our Wisdom Horse sessions. We share profound “Ah Ha” moments resulting from the unmounted challenges we do together in the arena. Life lessons abound as we work to connect and communicate with our horses. Also, I so look forward to each retreat that I co-host with my fellow presenters. Read on to see the amazing people who are partnering for this June retreat. I think you will have a hard time choosing what you want to do!

Pam Erdmann
Pam has decades of practicing and teaching Mindfullness Mediatation. She began her work life as a School Counselor. She then went on to teach in the Psychology Department at Antioch/NE Graduate School where she mentored hundreds of students who wanted to become a therapist. She then teamed up with John Cabot Zen who founded the Mindfullness Meditation movement here in the US and beyond. She began traveling to Wales and Scotland to teach Meditation Retreats. For many years, she has guided individuals to find deeper Mind Body Connections and to find peace in a crazy world. She has been an outstanding member of many retreats hosted at Stepping Stones Farm & Retreat Center.
Ivy Bibler
Ivy Bibler, Shibori Dying Workshop to Make your own Silk Scarf Presenter

vy comes from the education field having started her own school for inner city youth. She then spent many years as a Banker helping her clients navigate the world of finance. After retiring from both careers, Ivy is now able to focus on her main passion with is Art. She has perfected the ancient Art of Sabori Dyeing with vibrant colors that never fade. She creates most of her own clothing and makes all of her own gifts. She has offered her workshops at several of the Stepping Stones Retreats including creative vivid dinner napkins and Mother-Daughter tee shirts. She will share her love of color and creating for those who want to make a silk scarf to take home and wear for years to come.
Lisa Arnold

Lisa Arnold, Professional Portrait Photographer & “How Do You Feel about Being Seen?” Presenter
How do you feel about being seen? Not being looked at – seen? Think of the power that would come in putting ourselves out there if we weren’t hindered by the preconceived notions of what is acceptable. I want to know – How do you want to be seen?
Lisa is a most amazing, warm, supportive and enthusiastic photographer. Her pictures truly stand out. Retreat guests will have their own photo session with Lisa and will receive a beautiful portrait to cherish for years to come.

Pam Richardson, MBA, MEd.

Pam Richardson knows firsthand that changing a lifetime’s worth of money habits doesn’t happen overnight. As a Money Coach, she works with her clients from personal experience, education, and a toolbox of approaches and modalities to help them rewrite their money stories.

With a refreshing dose of transparency, Pam guides her clients to find confidence, clarity, and calm with their finances and heal the lifetime of money habits that keep them in a vicious cycle of chronically overspending, sinking in debt, unhappy, ashamed, ruining relationships, and lying to themselves and everyone around them.

In addition to doing her own healing around money, Pam’s strong educational background, experience as a social worker, and deep dives into high-level coaching programs help her provide a giant sigh of relief to women handling their money. Pam removes the shame, guilt, and stigma and gets to the heart of the problem.

Ellen Smith

Ellen Smith, Owner of European Esthetics, MeTreat and “Beauty is More than Skin Deep” Presenter

Scott Hecker

Scott Hecker, World Wildlife Conservationist Specializing in Birds near & far. Bird Walk Guide
Scott has worked to conserve threatened birdlife for over forty years. His graduate studies at Antioch University took him to Belize where he successfully helped establish the largest private tropical forest reserve in Central America. For the next 30 years he led coastal bird conservation efforts for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, National Audubon Society, and the Goldenrod Foundation.
In 2016 he began his current position as the Director of Bird Conservation for the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC). As a senior grants officer for ICFC he searches the world for environmental leaders. He now oversees conservation projects that aim to protect the last great terrestrial and marine habitats on the planet—working hand-in-hand with indigenous and local communities in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.
Scott lives in Temple, New Hampshire where he works from home and also serves as a volunteer as the Chair of the Conservation Commission.

Pam Clemens

Pam Clemens, Private Chef and Menu Planner
Pam is a creative, experienced and professional Chef. Her meals feature all that is fresh and local with a real flair for presentation. She modifies many of her favorite recipes so that her diners enjoy not only exquisite taste treats but can experience healthy meals. She inspires her guests every time.
She has been a professional chef and caterer for many years. Most recently she owned and operated SereniTea, an upscale Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room. Her guests loved their luscious breakfasts and gathered for an Afternoon Tea beyond compare.
Wait until you see and taste her wonderful creations. She will not disappoint.

Kristen Charlton

Kristen Charlton, Local Homesteader and Felt Bowl Teacher
I was born and raised in northern California, where I started sewing and doing crafts at the age of 9 in 4H. My love of the mountains led me to settle in NH where I met my husband of 33 years and raised our two boys. We lived in Nashua for years always yearning for land and animals. 7 years ago, we started our dream and moved to Temple NH. While my corporate job pays the bills, the crafting and farm feeds my soul. I am always looking for opportunities to share how easy it is to create beautiful things and share our farm journey.

Ruth Clark, RD, M.

Ruth Clark, RD, M. Public Health, Best Selling Author & Eating Well for Health & Energy Presenter
Ruth Clark, author of the best-selling book Cool the Fire: Curb Inflammation and Balance Hormones, is a Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist with a master’s in Public Health and over 35 years of experience. Her passion is to help women look and feel 10 years younger by focusing on inflammation, hormones and healing the gut. If you are struggling with your weight, mood issues, fatigue or digestive complaints, Ruth can help you to regain energy and vitality to get your sexy back.

Nannette Perrotte

Nannette Perrotte, Entertainer, Singer, Pianist, Founder of Lux Lifestyle & Beauty Creator Presenter


Sebastian Lockwood
Sebastian Lockwood, Professor of Literature, Master Story Teller and Entertainer Extraordinaire

Storyteller and teacher Sebastian Lockwood tells the great epics: Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Caesar, Beowulf and Monkey. His studies in Classics and Anthropology at Boston University and Cambridge University in the UK laid the foundation for bringing these great tales into performance. Lockwood’s performances are designed to take complex texts and make them accessible and exciting for audiences from 5 to 95. Lockwood has tutored and taught classes in higher education for 25 years. He now concentrates on performance, workshops and studio recording.

Kim Gebro

I am simply a unique expression of a soul having a human experience. I am a curious, formless being wondering each morning that I surprisingly awaken again to life on this magnificent planet, “What will the big mystery show me today?” In essence, I am an existential explorer who is in love with the creative potential of life, welcoming the wisdom that is available in every moment to help me expand beyond former, limited versions of myself. I feel most at ease and connected when I am energetically aligned with the natural flow of my being as nature itself. In this state of witnessing, welcoming, allowing, listening, and consciously choosing from a space of loving awareness I am able to share the most authentic expression of my soul in service of the greater good.

Deb Curtis, Yogi Extraordinaire

After a long career as a top-flight Analyst for a world-wide company, Deb has now successfully and happily retired. She is pursuing a 2nd career as a Yoga Instructor amid her other passions which include hiking, acting, fine dining and traveling. She prides herself in making Yoga assessible to all ages, fitness levels and body types. If you have never tried Yoga, Deb is a perfect teacher to help you feel excited and confident to give Yoga a gentle try. If you regularly practice Yoga, she can also challenge you with modifications to expand your stretch. Mostly, she comes with a great spirit. She is a repeat favorite at our retreats because of her warmth, encouraging words and lovely readings.



3-5 Early Arrival to take a walk, a nap or to catch up!

5 Official Start with Check-In and Move-In at the Lodge.

5:30 Gather the whole group & Introductions….Boo and Crew with Welcome Reception 

6:30 Dinner 

7:30 “The Woman Next to You”….Getting to Know Each Other with Boo 

8:30 Detail of Our Weekend  Introduce Jaya Hoesch of Rowan Tree Therapeutic Massage and Sabine Duran of Camino Verde Wellness to learn more about their optional additional services during the weekend.  Sign up if you want these additional services. See pricing at end of schedule. 

9:00 Official Program Concludes  Informal chatting, enjoying sitting on the front porch in peace, early to bed or stay up late to hear the owls hooting.


7:30 Coffee or Tea with fresh fruit. 

8:00-9 Morning Meditation to start your day off right.  Pam Erdmann is the oldest (86) living Mindfulness-Based Instructor on the planet!  She trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santerelli. She has taught and supervised in the U.K., Wales, Finland, Greece, China, Australia, South Africa and the U.S.  She feels Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction has saved her mind and soul. She loves supporting folks in their meditation journey. Start your weekend off with ease or help with Morning Feeding in Barns with Barn Crew or Sleep In!

9-9:45 Breakfast & Morning Sign Ups   Please Note: Snacks will be available throughout the retreat.

10-12 Sessions:

*Visit to a Local Homestead Farm to meet an alpaca, hug some goats, get up close and personal with an aviary, chickens, ducks, geese and visit the family’s green house.  Milk a dairy goat and learn how Feta Cheese is made with Kristin Charlton, Local Lady Farmer 

*Make your own Silk Scarf with Local Artist Ivy Bibler. Every culture from the beginning of time has relied on color from dyes to enhance ceremonial gowns and personal embellishments.  Ivy’s hands on Shibori Workshop will introduce you to fiber reactive dye and give you all the basics to design and dye your own silk scarf. Create your own wearable art!

*Wisdom Horse…an Equine Experiential Learning opportunity with the horses and Boo, Lifelong Lover of Horses.  Unmounted, no experience or special clothing required…Just plain fun and interesting. Find out what our horses can teach us about ourselves!

*Do Nothing! Rock on the front porch and read, take a nap or stroll quietly down the country lanes and the farm.

12-1:30 Lunch Including a Feta Cheese Salad from Kristen’s Dragonfly Farm.

12:30 to 1:30 Eating Well for Health and Energy with Ruth Clark, Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist, Best Selling Author, Beautiful Woman, will present during your meal. She will speak about Eating for a Healthy Gut and Anti-Inflammation. Learn how the health of your gut impacts your overall health and vitality.  

1:45 to 2:30 Modify Your Recipes for Healthy Eating with Ruth.  Learn some simple techniques to get healthy food on the table quickly and how to modify your favorite recipes to make them healthful and delicious. Ruth will be available to sign copies of her book, Cool the Fire: Curb Inflammation and Balance Hormones.

2:45…An Afternoon of True Inner Beauty….Let the fun begin, complete with live jazz music, spiced up with singing.

2:45-3:30 “How do you feel about being seen? Not being looked at – seen?” Think of the power that would come in putting ourselves out there if we weren’t hindered by the preconceived notions of what is acceptable. I want to know – How do you want to be seen?  A presentation with fascinating slide show of photographs of women of all ages with Lisa Arnold, professional photographer extraordinaire!

3:30 -6 Enjoy these pleasures…Enjoy a Sparkling Champagne Punch mid-afternoon.

*“From Top to Toes”, Facials and Foot Massage with famed Jazz Singer, Piano Player and Beauty Creator, Nannette Perrotte Founder of Lux Lifestyle

*”Beauty is More than Skin Deep” Skin care at its best with gentle makeup to highlight your inner radiance with talented, gracious and beautiful Ellen Smith, Owner of European Esthetics Spa and Beauty Counter Rep

*Professional, Intimate Portrait Session with Lisa so you will see why she is so extraordinary.  You will receive your favorite photograph as a keepsake from your time with us.

3:30-6 For those who do not wish to partake in an Afternoon of Beauty, options are:

*History Stoll around the Farm and down the Dirt Road with the Miniature Horses, Sheep and Goats with Boo

*Take a nap

*Get a treatment with Jaya or Sabine

6:30 Candlelight Dinner 

7:30  Storytelling around the Fire Circle.  Amid torches and twinkling lights, enjoy the amazing talent of Sebastian Lockwood, one of the featured NH Humanities beloved Artists as he tells his enchanting Tale of “The Children of the New Forest”…yes, New Forest ponies that live nearby! Sip some old-fashioned Meade as the fire dances and the stars shine. Followed by S’Mores, of course!


6:30 Coffee and Tea at the ready.  Early Morning Bird Walk.  Meet-up in your walking shoes to join Scott Hecker, Temple resident and the Director of Bird Conservation for the International Conservation Fund of Canada.  We will hear and see the birds of the dawn chorus during the peak of migration.  Bring a camera or binoculars if possible.  He will bring his spotting scope. 

8-9 Early Morning Yoga and Stretching with Deb Curtis.  She will lead you through a gentle awakening of your muscles and opening of your positive energy channels to prepare yourself for a fabulous day!  You are also welcome to go to the Barn and play “Farmer for a Day” to feed the animals.

9-9:45 Breakfast with Farm Fresh Eggs…Sign up for Morning Sessions

10-12 Sessions

*Creating your own Felting Bowl with vibrant colors galore with Artist Kristin Charlton of yesterday…a Woman of Many Talents.

*New addition…Money and You with Pam Richardson…nine Archetypes of Money personalities.  

*Wisdom Horse with the horses and Boo.  Back by popular demand.  Enjoy a carefree, fun, creative unmounted learning experience doing fun challenges and obstacles.

*Do Nothing  Rock on the front porch and read, take a nap or stroll quietly down the country lanes and the farm.

12-12:45 Celebration Lunch 

12:45-1:45 Relishing and Reveling in the Sacred Space of Connection and Community with Kim Gebro. This beautiful closing ceremony offers time to sip in your explorations of the weekend and integrate those experiences. Kim exudes joy, delight, energy, love, and warmth. She looks forward to bringing this transformative journey at Stepping Stones Farm to a close as you allow its offerings of ease and wisdom to gently spill into your everyday life.

2 Official Close of our Retreat.  Fond farewells and contact info.  

*We reserve the right to schedule an alternate presenter if an emergency or illness occurs for any of the above speakers.

Camino Verde Wellness

My name is Sabine Duran. For over 17 years I suffered a variety of symptoms that no doctor could properly diagnose or treat. 

I was convinced that I had Long Lyme Disease, but all standard tests came back negative. Over the years the symptoms became more and more debilitating. A spider bite in August of 2019 was the last straw, sending me to the emergency room, where I was again being told that my tests are inconclusive and show nothing treatable.

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, I turned to online help for Long Lyme Sufferers. The first step was a complete change in my diet (Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free), resetting my GI system. I got some relief in my symptoms, but in no way sufficient, and further research brought me to the Lyme Magnetic Protocol. Within 14 months most of my symptoms disappeared and I have my life and mobility back! My personal recovery inspired me to sign up with Joan Randall – who developed the Lyme Magnetic Protocol – and learn this effective and remarkable way of restoring health! So here I am now, offering this phenomenal therapy to all people who suffer from symptoms the standard medical system cannot heal.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy & Lyme Magnetic Protocol

Restoring balance and vitality to those suffering from Lyme and other chronic illnesses.

$ 80.00 per session (ca 1.5h)

Emotional Release

Based on The Emotions Code by B. Nelson harmful emotions can be identified & released to restore health, and happiness.

$ 25.00 per session (ca 30 min)

Gemstone Health Therapy on the Inframat – Jade & Tourmaline Stones 

Relax your mind and body with hot stone therapy.

Manage pain & detox your body with far infrared and negative ion therapy.

$ 25.00 for 30 min      –        $ 40.00 for 1 h


DNA Vibe & Photonic Health Red Light Therapy

Reduce Pain & Speed Recovery of recent and older injuries and chronic discomforts.

Improve body function, unblock meridian lines, stimulate acupressure points & balance your energy.

$ 25.00 for 30 min      –       $ 40.00 for 1 h